Aci Nae - REBORN

Aci Nae is back and better than ever.

Born and raised in Philly and now living and making in South Florida, Monica and Janae of Aci Nae are rolling out their best line yet - and this is just the beginning.

Their passion for fashion started at a young age. and after a few sessions with their accounting teacher (shameless plug to Mr. Dunlap - thanks for being so cool), they were on their way to opening their first boutique - Aci Nae Boutique in Philadelphia.

But the story doesn’t start there.

Monica and Janae were inspired to start Aci Nae when they were in high school. Approached by college students to participle in a fashion show, they lied and said we were in college too. They’d never done anything like this before so naturally, they needed a name. At the time they were making clothes on their parent’s kitchen table and selling them in school and at a local boutique where Janae worked. From that one show they continued to do other shows and events all over the Philadelphia area. (Fun fact, before they were Aci Nae, they were Acinom and Janae. Which Acinom is Monica’s name spelled backwards).

The first house that Monica ever moved into on her own was their first “Fashion Studio.” Her living room had no couch - just a rack of clothing, a shelf of fabric, and an industrial sewing machine. Monica and Janae would use their living room to see clients and have fittings.

One thing led to another and Aci Nae Boutique opened on February 28, 2008. The store thrived for 5 years and then Janae decided to move to South Florida, while Monica moved to New York, both to explore the fashion industries. They traveled and worked with various artists, doing custom clothing, personal styling and closet organizing. Monica soon joined Janae in South Florida and they hit the hospitality industry with “Branding by Fashion" designing uniforms for South Florida's hottest night spots.  

Fast forward. It’s a day - it’s today. February 28, 2019 out of South Florida, Aci Nae  has launched an all new website with all new clothing and they are ready to make their statement yet again in the fashion industry. Providing vintage pieces, Aci Nae  branded clothing, and boutique pieces, Aci Nae is stocked to sell. Thursday, February 28th is particularly important to us because it the date Monica and Janae opened Acinae Boutique in Philly which also coincidentally landed on a Thursday. Play off their old store’s address, 1928, Aci Nae is thrilled to launch the online store on February 28, 2019.